Window tinting


Windshield with high-quality film absorbs the sun’s glare, neutralizes the glare of oncoming cars. Tempered side and rear windows of cars in case of an accident or accidentally emitted from the stone under the wheels of a passing car, as a rule, scatter into small sharp pieces, injuring people in the cabin. If the glass is tinted, the fragments will not hit you, you get a “triplex” for all car windows.

Comfort and savings

Some people mistakenly believe that the tinted glasses is only for aesthetics or appearance of the car. But this is not the case.

If tinting applied by professionals, in addition to security issues, tinting can improve comfort and mobility. Quality tinting reflects 99% of UV rays and 94% of heat rays. Therefore, in the summer of tinted car is not so hot, and warmer in winter than in unrendered. If the car has air conditioning, you will not feel uncomfortable. High-quality car tint reduce the burning upholstery, which help your car interior to look as new.

From the point of view of privacy and confidentiality tinted glasses protect you from a potential burglar, who would not be able to easily see everything that is in your car inside. Most professional thieves looking for a quick and easy target. Surface inspection saloon car outside allows them to determine whether the contents of the interior worthy prey.

Benefits tinting automotive glass

  • Improved aesthetics. It is a design component that many motorists are tied for first place, when they decide to tint their car. Indeed, toning allows you to give the car more expensive and presentable, and colored materials help to create a single complete image in one color with the body panels;
  • Protection from blinding sunlight – an important property of tinting. Reflecting and holding a part of the visible spectrum of sunlight, tinted glass can reduce fatigue and thus improve road safety;
  • Protection interior from UV rays. Effectively delaying the ultraviolet rays, tinting helps protect the upholstery and interior surface of the decorative panels from spoiling; Protection of the driver and passengers from UV exposure. This same feature can reduce the negative impact of UV on the people;
  • Preventing excessive heating of the interior. Many of the materials from well-known manufacturers are able to effectively detain and reflect not only the visible light or ultraviolet light, and infrared rays. This feature significantly reduces interior heat on sunny days and as a consequence improve passenger comfort, fuel savings, using less air conditioning;
  • Safety of the driver and passengers in case of accident. Strong dubbing of tint are able to retain fragments of the destroyed due to mechanical effects of glass. This probability injured by broken glass is reduced to almost zero;
  • Possibility of booking glasses. In the production program there are many manufacturers of materials that can effectively protect the glass from breaking simple mechanical tools, or even some types of firearms;
  • Factor of confidentiality and security of personal space. Many motorists perceive the interior of your vehicle as part of a private space, which is to protect from prying eyes, you can use tinted glass.
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Windshield with high-quality neutralizes the glare of oncoming cars.

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