Headlight tint

Tinted car headlights

They are used, usually two ways of toning: painting and gluing headlamps dubbing tint on lights, as well as on the car window.

Particular attention should be paid to the headlights toning. Car Tuning is not only adhered tint on car windows. Toning can even be applied to the headlamp. It only will add more beauty to the car. However, be aware that the headlights toning has its own nuances, its pros and cons. Whatever lights or intended for tinting, the rear or front, it should be noted that the tinted headlights – it’s always changing color lights. Toning lights in two ways: by applying a special paint and applying the tint. Tinted headlamps is the same process as that of tinted glass . The only difference is that the colors tint for headlights is much wider and glass washers and pasted on the outside and inside. In comparison with the painting tinting is considered more profitable and quality. Tinting is more evenly distribute the color of the spotlight, t. To. Be applied in the factory. And the bandwidth of light in the headlights fully complies with the legal requirements. Another plus a toning – it is not washed off, even under pressure washing.

Applying tinting paint goes much more complicated than sticking tint. The entire production process is not limited to  painting, still need to prepare the surface for painting, polish it after staining. When the paint is sprayed from a container on the lamp, it can also “lie” unevenly, and may require the need for sprayed it several times. In addition, for colored lights should periodically look, updated painting, t. To. It is either washed out or fade. To darken the rear of the car headlights and make them more attractive appearance, use tinted taillights. The rear lights are also better toned film. Toning paint is justified when you need to obscure part of the lights, but not the whole.

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