Vinyl Wrapping


Vinyl Wrapping

Car vinyl becomes more and more popular: the number of such machines increases correspondingly.

The positive aspects of car vinyl coating are:
– Protect the car body from minor scratches and dents. The thing is that the vinyl is composed of several layers. Each layer serves as a protection to your car.
– Do not let ultraviolet rays through. As a result, the paint does not burn and retains its rich color.
– Individuality. With vinyl, you can create your own personal design. This is quite a significant plus, especially for those motorists who want to emphasize their individuality.
All these advantages will only work under one condition: if the car wrapping will be performed by professionals such as Glassfix team.
We offer 3-7 years of warranty.

We are the best in the providing services

With experience of more than 15 years.

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