Residential window tinting

Toning PLASTIC WINDOWS today is quite popular way of protection from the scorching sun. In summer, when the outside temperature rises to 40 ° C, being in apartments and buildings, which gets the sun all day, becomes unbearable.
Installation of air conditioning, of course, solve the problem of cooling the room.
But this option is not always suitable, and many people look for more economical solutions.

Mirror tinted window on the balcony allows you to save and provide comfortable conditions for rest and work. Window tinting is applied for the glass is characterized by low cost and excellent functional features.
Homes, offices, shops, restaurants and other buildings where the material is used, considerably transformed, become a stylish and modern look. Facade building becomes attractive and stands out from the surrounding buildings.

The benefits of tinting windows for flats and houses:

  • High optical properties. Tint acts as a reflector, reflecting and absorbing 80% of the heat coming from the sun.
  • Clarity street viewing inside. From the windows of an apartment or office provides a great and clear view of all that is going on outside.
  • Complete protection from UV and IR radiation. Mirror coating protects against penetration of UV rays that are harmful to the human body.
  • A wide range of colors. You can order the material of any desired shade.
  • Fine quality. Used in a variety of design ideas to improve the appearance of the building, to make it more respectable and impressive. Especially good looks tinted facades with extensive glazing.
  • The aesthetic appearance. The film improves the room, improving the interior and exterior. Excellent combined with any curtains, blinds, curtains. But in contrast to these products, which perform similar functions, the film does not accumulate dust and draws heat.

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