Interior car cleaning

Interior cleaning

Over time, the interior of the vehicle accumulates a lot of stubborn dirt. This dust, dirt penetrating the pores of the leather upholstery, human fat, layered on various switches and score with other particles, cracks and small holes, just not cleaned stains from contact with the upholstery drinks, leftovers, etc. D. It gets dark ceiling, especially if in the car a lot of smoke. And most of all, of course, goes to the floor, which takes care of all that we are bringing in their shoes. The order in the car must always be maintained not only for aesthetic pleasure, but also to ensure the safety of themselves and their health. For example, the accumulated dust can cause various problems with the electrical wiring of the vehicle, and particles of dust and dirt may contribute to or aggravate allergies passengers or the driver.

If not carefully and regularly clean the windows of dirt and grease, then it is likely to have an accident. Also, due to dirt and grease can come into disrepair holes of various vehicle devices, control buttons, and other items. Such strong pollution defy the usual cleaning of the car. And it requires a deep cleaning. To do this, use the dry cleaning of all internal cabin surfaces.

There are two ways to support the car’s interior clean: use the services of car-care center, or make your own dry cleaning.
Dry as a kind of salon car service today spread very widely. Almost every more or less large washing plant produced such works. For each type of material – suede, leather, plastic, vinyl, rubber – Master center Dry cleaning pick up special funds. The main element of the proper cleaning of the car interior is the ability to use special formulations, otherwise you can harm the coating, or simply did not achieve the desired result.

The technological cycle of dry cabin consists of a few basic steps.

  1. The first – a dry removal of easily detachable dirt. The entire interior is carefully processed to a powerful vacuum cleaner, with which of the seats, floor mats, door trim, joints and so on. Removes dust, crumbs, cigarette ash and other contaminants.
  2. The next stage – pre-wetting. On elements of interior sprayed water. It macerates pollution, which will have to work on. Water is sprayed with a hand or sprays, detergent or cleaner.
  3. The third and main phase – treatment cleaners.

This may also be used with a set of vacuum cleaning different nozzles in a tank which dissolves shampoo. Or scour hand Salon brushes, but a means of spray bottles. Here, different materials are used for their cleaning products specifically designed for leather and fabric coverings, as well as plastic and rubber. Some tough dirt is removed and treated individually and always by hand. In such instances, the more active, potent drugs that are applied locally on the spot. Once the interior is cleaned and all pollution removed produced drying with hot air.

Professional dry cleaning service, made on a good station is very effective. And very few impurities, which can not be eliminated or at least minimized. However, nothing absolute in the world there, and even the best dry cleaning is not omnipotent. Therefore, some types of interior pollution is better to try to avoid.

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