Windshield replacement

Damage to the glass case is a standard insurance contract for Casco. We will be glad to replace you spoiled your windshield on a brand new. If you have a contract on vehicle insurance Casco, it will be even free. Almost all of the companies offering car insurance service offer glass replacement service without payment of the amount of “self-responsibility”. In the case of an insured event, you can fill in our questionnaire: here.

When you think about the safety of the car in the first place you come to mind brake, engine and tires. Car Windshield, as a rule, is not included in this list.

But the damaged windshield is not less risk than, for example, defective brakes. Faulty windshield can lead to unexpected situations on the road, as well as create an emergency situation. That is why it is very important to maintain the windshield in good condition.

We give 1 year warranty.

Our windshield replacement works in Tallinn

We are the best in the providing services

With experience of more than 15 years.

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Windshield with high-quality neutralizes the glare of oncoming cars.

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