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Your car – your business card, business enhancement, dear and beloved toy, a friend and reliable partner. Take care of your car so naturally as to look, for example, shoes or clothing. In addition, the body – the most expensive part of the car, and it is for the body of the vehicle is judged on the state as a whole. Brighter your car is , more attractive it is , but in operation the paint (LCP) car inevitably exposed to aggressive chemical and mechanical action of the environment. Chemical reagents, lint brushes on an automatic car wash or brush for sweeping snow, liquor contactless sinks, dirty rags unscrupulous cleaners, small grains of sand, which is literally at the speed of fused into the paint – all this and more leads to aging, damage to the top layer of lacquer. In LPC there are scratches and persistent, ingrained dirt is not washed off by any means, the car body becomes opaque, which is especially noticeable on vehicles in dark colors. To help in solving all of this issues we offer you polishing.

Your painting recieve more scratches and becomes matt (scratches of varying depth and orientation) and pollution. The more scratched and contaminated surface, the worse it reflects light falling on it, and hence look more dull. Thus, the process of polishing the car body is to eliminate the microscopic irregularities on the surface of the paint with his thorough pre-cleaning. Before polishing, the body must be compulsorily cleared of plaque road, bitumen stains, insect debris. For cleaning use abrasive clay and a special chemistry.

To distinguish two main types of polishing: restorative and protective.

For Restorative polishing using polishing machines and polishing abrasive paste of different degrees. Thus the risks of crushing and smoothing paste abrasive particles largely takes place due to local heating of the surface.

When using polishing pastes are usually observed a slight decrease in the thickness of the varnish layer (2-4 microns) or there is none at all. In order to mask the deep scratches may be applied Eccentric grinding machine with abrasive materials. In fact, this is a preliminary surface treatment all familiar with sandpaper. Such polishing can significantly thin the layer of paint, it’s not for often use.
Often, after polishing paintwork appear circular risks from the polishing machine or so-called “hologram”. This effect is particularly noticeable in the bright sun or by a point source of light, so must the final stage polishing is antigologrammnaya restorative treatment. Antigologrammnaya treatment is carried out using a polishing machine and a special pasta with super slim abrasive.

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