Car repair

We know exactly what you expect, leaving your car in the garage of car repair service. You want to sleep at night and not worry about the quality of the work done by the mechanics. You hope for the efficiency and professionalism of auto mechanics. You want to get an updated car, as if recently descended from the factory conveyor. Our company is able to meet all your expectations.

We provide a full range of services for the diagnosis and repair of cars at affordable prices. For auto repair, our company uses only modern equipment, as well as high-quality consumables that meet all international standards. Our company will provide you with the best and most affordable range of car repair services in Tallinn.

Our company has extensive repair areas, equipped with automatic machines and diagnostic equipment of the latest generation for all types of plumbing, body and tire works. The mechanics of our company have many years of experience in the service of cars of different brands. Their professionalism allows to adjust every detail with an accuracy of one degree and a millimeter. Regardless of the degree of damage, we will bring the exterior and interior, as well as the filling and undercarriage of your car in excellent condition.

Here are some prices for the services we provide:

Oil change:

19.00 eur (clients oil)

16.00 (our oil)

Oil change for ATM:39.00 eur
Condition control of the suspension:10.00 eur
Car repair work:25.00 (eur/h)
Repair work for jeeps and minibuses:29.00 (eur/h)
For more information on these and other services, you can contact our specialists.

We are the best in the providing services

With experience of more than 15 years

Other services

Brighter your car is , more attractive it is

Tinted car headlights

Painting and gluing headlamps dubbing tint on lights

Leather car interior repair & restoration

Careful work with the use of modern materials


Windshield with high-quality neutralizes the glare of oncoming cars.

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